About Us

Texas ROSE (Ratepayers’ Organization to Save Energy) is a non-profit membership organization dedicated to affordable electricity and a healthy environment.  We provide straightforward information to consumers and advocate for energy efficiency programs, fair customer service practices, and customer education by providing information to the Public Utility Commission (PUC),  Austin City Council and the Texas Legislature.  Texas ROSE has been involved in helping to create utility programs to provide lower rates for low-income consumers and weatherization programs to permanently lower energy use and utility bills.   This is how Texas ROSE helps:

  • Supports energy efficiency, renewable energy, and fair treatment of residential and low-income consumers at the PUC.
  • Created utility-funded programs all over Texas that lower electric bills for low-income and working poor households.
  • Saved lives and protected health by persuading the PUC and the Austin City Council to ban disconnection of electricity when the weather is extremely hot or cold.
  • Intervenes in proceedings before the PUC to comment on industry proposals and to present alternative proposals.
  • Served on special PUC advisory committees on electric deregulation.
  • Was a party to the successful lawsuit filed against the Department of Energy to increase the energy efficiency standard for central air conditioners to SEER 13.0.

For more information: pferris@texasrose.org
Phone: (512) 472-5233